Mitigating outages during COVID-19 with Utility Inspections

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We are actively working to bring the UAS technology to those who can benefit from it and providing our services to facilities that may see an impact on increased utility usage.

As we progress further into this pandemic, we understand utility infrastructure is more crucial than ever, and demand is rapidly increasing. We are here to help.

To mitigate a shutdown, we can provide qualitative assessments that can be used to prevent outages by conducting inspections on utility components to Data Centers, Manufacturing Plants, and Medical Facilities.

Our inspection process on substations include switches, bus work, circuit breakers, oil temps, transformers, insulators, bushings, and feeders.

We also have the ability to inspect boilers, cooling towers, stacks, and other indoor assets in GPS denied environments.

If you are in need of an inspection, and want to use a competent, vetted, and experienced company, We are here to help.

We are offering inspections for critical infrastructure within the Phoenix metropolitan area at HALF the cost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please reach out for details on your specific assets.

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