Using Professional Grade Equipment | Intel’s Falcon 8+

When Soaring Eagle Technologies made the pivot to the Inspection of Infrastructure, we spent a lot of time researching the best equipment for the job. After our extensive research, at the time, we found Ascending Technologies Falcon 8 to be the most efficient and effective piece of equipment for what we planned to tackle. Since then, Ascending Technologies was acquired by Intel. We watched as Intel took what Ascending Technologies made and revamped it to become what is known to be the Falcon 8 +. Through time while speaking to prospective clients, competitors and students, we get asked the common question of why we fly the Falcon 8+.

Why do we fly Intel’s Falcon 8+ you ask?

Well, there is not really a simple answer to this. But let’s try and make it simple.

We fly the top equipment out. We fly one of the safest pieces of equipment out. We fly the type of system that keeps your data secure. We fly the type of equipment that is backed by the superior support that is given. We choose to fly the equipment that is best for the client. We use this Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to inspect Americas Infrastructure. We are data retrieval specialist using UAS to retrieve the data Safe, Fast, and Accurate.

” There’s nothing else like it.”

To touch on what I recently wrote, we fly the type of equipment that we KNOW keeps the data safe and secure for our clients. We fly the type of equipment that sets us apart from the “Bought off the shelf “drone”, got my Part 107 license, and now I am an inspector” type of equipment.

Data security is very important and needs to be talked about more. Those who know how important it is should be putting data security into practice. Those who don’t know should be talking to the right vendors or service providers who take this into account. This is bigger than you know and I imagine it becoming more relevant sooner than later.

There are companies using consumer-grade products, (Toys bought off the shelf) that may or may not be breaching service agreements by using lower grade equipment.

Those who see the importance of America’s Infrastructure and continue to support the safety and security of it won’t be flying any security breaching products. For those companies THAT USE service providers, it would behoove of you to check your service agreements to ensure the vendors are not breaking any clause regarding how the data is being retrieved and how it is being stored. For those companies THAT ARE service providers, it would behoove of you to check those service agreements to ensure you are not breaking any clause regarding how the data is being retrieved and how it is being stored.

This is serious business, America’s infrastructure may be at stake because of the uneducated and unprofessional conducting substandard work.

Soaring Eagle Technologies works every day to provide Data Retrieval, SafeFast, and Accurate, in every sense. 

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