Vegetation Management & Inspections

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Vegetation management is both a necessary and an expensive operating cost for electrical utilities. We collect, analyze, and deliver risk assessments on electrical utility assets in days instead of months. Soaring Eagle’s tech-enabled solutions allow our partners to reinforce their vegetation management programs by helping them protect their assets in normally difficult-to-reach terrain through a more cost-effective, expedient, and safe process.

Vegetation encroachment is an uphill battle as the vegetation is continuously growing. We efficiently quantify and classify the risks related to vegetation encroachment, while reducing maintenance and intervention costs. We effectively pinpoint crucial points of interest to focus on high-priority, high-risk areas.

By collecting, analyzing, and delivering the risk assessments on utility territories, we unlock the ability to mitigate risk within days instead of months. We help determine immediate issues and needs of a circuit and forecast potential trouble spots which help avert power outages and other future issues.


By carefully combining 3D models and point clouds of a power line and the surrounding local vegetation, we can accurately find the distance between the two and prioritize points of interest accordingly, in advance of an issue arising. Our unique approach to inspections offers a bird’s eye view from multiple angles and perspectives to give a clear view of where to manage vegetation.

Our integrated solutions continue to optimize your experience. Our sister company, Atlas Field Services, gives us experience and insight when it comes to vegetation management. See how we partner and utilize industry-specific subject matter experts.