Storm Response

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Soaring Eagle is ready to respond when emergencies arise. Our team deploys large VTOL aircrafts to assess storm or fire damage and mitigate any further impact.  

Fallen Electric Towers From Storms

After catastrophic storms leave significant damage to transmission towers and distribution lines, Soaring Eagle sends teams of trained and certified UAS pilots to cover the affected area within less than 48 hours. The team identifies the damage and enables the utility company to make critical repairs to have the power up in a fraction of the initially predicted time.

Each of our pilots receive extensive training and certifications. We provide the data you need to make critical decisions. Although you never know when the next storm will hit, you can rely on Soaring Eagle Technologies to help mitigate and resolve your most critical situations while preventing new risks.

Visit the links to AUVSI.ORG and SUAS to learn more regarding Soaring Eagle’s response to hurricane Barry. Visit our Media page to see some footage examples.
Detecting Storm Damage To Electric Lines