Distribution Pole & Line Inspections

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Inspecting distribution is a risky, labor and time intensive process. Soaring Eagle understands the inherent risk to personnel while conducting an inspection on a distribution pole. We make it easy for our clients to determine the priority and environmental risk each pole weighs in on the scale of priority. This helps our clients make educated decisions as to where to move forward next, mitigating the risk of personnel and keeping a reliable and secure utility infrastructure.

Knowing which poles and lines need mitigation before weather events trigger a failure is only half of the battle. Being able to analyze and mitigate the risk for fire break clearances while complying with the utility regulatory commission requirements is the other half. We are in the business of safety and inspection and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of this process.

A single image can generate the need to make an emergency repair to mitigate the risk of a power outage in rural communities. As an illustration, we have been able to successfully use our tech-enabled inspection process to save a local cooperative over $100,000 in emergency repairs.

Not only does it affect the people who lose power, but also the families supporting the engineering and maintenance personnel from putting themselves into a dangerous situation. With that single image, we conducted a routine inspection on a distribution line in a hard to access area all while successfully saving time, money, and the headache of the process.