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Electrical Substations

By providing an in-depth, tech-enabled inspection and analysis of a substation, we are able to identify areas that reduce system reliability and efficiency which could threaten the safety of employees and contractors.

We complete UAS inspections without the need to de-energize the system while still providing cutting-edge results, including full visual and thermal imaging. There is no need for service interruptions while we conduct our remote inspections. This keeps the lights on and the customers happy.

Transmission Tower and Line

Comprehensive visual inspections are crucial when it comes to the transmission of electricity through electrical utility assets. We offer a faster, safer, more accurate way of conducting these inspections by unlocking the hard to get to, inaccessible locations to help find more areas of concern than current, traditional methods.

Whether scanning for vegetation or conducting a 100+ point inspection, transmission tower and line inspections are more efficient and cost-effective with our latest UAS technology. By reducing the inherent risk of using manned aircraft and increasing the quality of data, we help engineers make more educated decisions.

Distribution Pole and Line

Inspecting distribution is a risky, labor and time-intensive process. We understand the inherent risk to personnel while conducting a distribution pole inspection. Soaring Eagle UAS makes it easy to determine priority and potential risks each pole brings, helping our clients make educated decisions as to where to move forward, mitigating the risk of personnel, and keeping a reliable and secure utility infrastructure.

The ability to analyze and reduce risk for fire break clearances while complying with the utility regulatory commission requirements is the other half of the battle. Soaring Eagle increases the efficiency and effectiveness of this process. A single image can save you time, money, and the headache of a distribution line inspection in hard-to-access areas.

Vegetation Management

Through Soaring Eagle’s UAS tech-enabled solutions, our partners reinforce their vegetation management programs and protect their assets with our safe, cost-effective, expedient process.

By collecting, analyzing, and delivering the risk assessments on utility territories, we are able to mitigate risk within days rather than months. By combining 3D models, point clouds of power lines, and the surrounding vegetation, we provide multiple perspectives and angles clearly, giving accurate vegetation management assessments.

Critical Infrastructure

These key structures are an integral component of the U.S. economy, underlying the operations of all businesses, public safety organizations, and government.  By providing state-of-the-art technology to inspect and manage risks, Soaring Eagle Technologies partners to help provide prevention and protection from natural and other disasters while identifying means for prompt recovery. Our services help oversee the integrity of the structures and reduce threats or interruptions to aid in enhancing the overall security of our nation.

Aerial Mapping

High-resolution sensors equal highly accurate, precise maps. Aerial mapping UAS technology produces an accurate digital representation of the earth’s surface. These tech-enabled mapping methods increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the surveyors’ deliverables as well as construction drawings, material measurements, and insight on how to develop a piece of land, based on what mother nature designed herself.

Topographic surveys, stockpile and volumetrics, 2D & 3D modeling, and the Digital Surface Model (DSM) are a few of the solutions we offer within mapping.

Asset Inspection

Soaring Eagle provides UAS inspections of buildings, capital projects, and other large infrastructure with a much safer, accurate, and efficient method. We identify potential issues that the traditional inspection methods might miss.

Storm Response

Although you never know when the next storm will hit, you can rely on Soaring Eagle Technologies to help mitigate and resolve your most critical situations while preventing new risks.

Soaring Eagle is ready to respond when storms and emergencies arise. We have experience deploying teams of trained and certified UAS pilots to cover affected storm areas in less than 48 hours. We identify damage and enable utility companies to make critical repairs to have power up in less time than traditional methods.


Most BVLOS Flight Experience

Actionable Reporting

With our ESRI partnership, we ensure you the option to receive tailored, insightful data.

Safety Experts

Our team is centered on safety. Certified veteran aviators with:

  • 100+ years combined experience
  • 3,000+ UAS hours
  • 52+ emergency BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) FAA waivers

Innovative Technology

The Soaring Eagle team pioneers in adapting new capabilities. We are committed to obtaining the most current technology and certifications to assure your project has cutting-edge reporting.