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At Soaring Eagle Technologies, we are a team of professional UAV operators serving the nation’s largest utilities, commercial and industry clients. We pride ourselves on our tech-enabled infrastructure inspections that enable our clients to turn data into decisions. We are FEMA and FAA certified – and adhere to stringent FAA guidelines. And we’re always seeking experienced pilots to join our network. We invite you to register by filling out the form below. If you’re a beginner drone pilot, you will need your Part 107 license, so check out our sister company, UATI, for more information on training options. 

Why Choose Soaring Eagle?

1. Making a Positive Impact: Our work extends beyond the cutting-edge technology of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). It’s about leveraging that technology to create positive change in the world. Whether it’s helping to monitor critical infrastructure or enhancing environmental conservation efforts, every day at Soaring Eagle is an opportunity to make a difference.

2. Collaborating with Passionate Colleagues: When you join our team, you’re joining a group of individuals who are deeply passionate about what they do. We foster an environment where collaboration and knowledge-sharing thrive. Working alongside industry experts is not just inspiring; it’s a chance to grow your skills and knowledge.

3. Personal and Professional Growth: At Soaring Eagle, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for personal and professional development. As our team grows, so does your potential for advancement. Your career path is a journey, and we’re here to support your growth every step of the way.

4. Embrace the Outdoors: Our work often takes us to breathtaking outdoor locations. If you have a love for the great outdoors and an adventurous spirit, you’ll find Soaring Eagle to be the perfect place to combine your passion for nature with your career.

Our Commitment to You

We understand that behind every role is a unique individual with dreams, aspirations, and needs. That’s why we’re committed to fostering a workplace that values empathy, inclusivity, and personal wellbeing. At Soaring Eagle, you’re not just an employee; you’re family.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to be a part of a compassionate team that’s changing the UAS industry, please fill out the form below. If we feel you have what it takes, we will invite you to send us your resume and a brief introduction. We’re excited to learn about your journey and how you can contribute to our shared goals.

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Feel free to share this opportunity with someone you believe would thrive in our compassionate work environment. At Soaring Eagle Technologies, we’re not just hiring; we’re building a brighter future together.

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