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“Safety is our top priority, but it is everyone’s shared responsibility” – Dean Elwell’s 

From the Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, the words spoken that should be “top priority” for every single aviation professional, every single UAS Service provider, and should be on the minds of every single company entertaining the idea of using UAS as a service to conduct those dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs.   

If this is not a priority for companies alike, then you are already headed in the wrong direction. We have heard about it to many times, large corporations saving dollars by cutting corners instead of taking extra precautions to keep the employees safe. Safety then becomes a burden instead of a virtue. Because this is not a priority when it comes to the health and wealth of the employee, it is upon you and us as service providers, to present the tools and documents necessary to conduct and complete tasks at hand efficiently and effectively. Having a solid safety record not only conducted on site, while flying, it is also backed up by Standard Operating Procedures, a Safety Management System, and the proper training to incorporate these standards into daily practice. There are key questions companies looking for services providers should be asking about when talking about using UAS as a service. There is a distinction between the two without even bring up the type of equipment that is flown. Flying professional grade equipment is the topper and should be a given when looking for a company to conduct and deliver a professional grade deliverable. Since Building a Safety Culture is a priority of the FAA and Data Security Issues is ever so present within our current culture, it is up to you to make the right decisions when binding that contract with a service provider, who upholds the standards of the FAA and Client Company Data Security Policys.  See our Data Security Measures being taken here. Data Security Measures

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