Industry Advocacy

Industry advocacy isn’t just about being the leader; It’s about helping build the industry up as a whole.  

That’s what we are here to do.  

By design, Soaring Eagle Technologies does everything in its effort to build a better world of tomorrow. We help other entrepreneurs find their why. We help interns become professionals. We counsel those looking to jump start a sustainable UAS program within their organizations. We coach teams of UAS pilots on how to fly legally and professionally. We partner with thought leaders that challenge the status quo and accelerate innovation. We sit on aviation panels to broadcast the state of the industry to all stakeholders, and don’t hold back in pointing out the inconsistencies when the time calls for it. But most importantly: We inspire others to drive real world solutions.  

We are helping establish standards in data quality, such that there are no questions or concerns about the viability of what’s received when the job is done right. We want UAS data retrieval to be a plug and play turnkey solution, so the decision makers using the data can be at the comfort of their desks and move through their daily tasks more efficiently than ever. We work with category kings to help promote the safety and security of data in an era where the concerns of privacy and integrity is at the forefront of the entire tech world. We execute on actions that benefit everyone’s lives and businesses. We are devoted to the health and wealth of not only America’s Infrastructure, but the entire business ecosystem that supports it.  

We aren’t just a successful business in our market, we are industry advocates trying to promote the entire UAS Industry, and the real value this technology has to offer. We are here to help in any way we can to bring the value that this technology has to offer to all those who can benefit from it. It’s not just aerial vehicles, but it’s all autonomous systems. It is automating the time laboring tasks that make our lives easier.  

It’s about you.  

It’s about us. 

It’s about the whole human race and evolving to become a more technologically forward society by realizing an effectiveness and efficiency in sustaining our infrastructure that affords us the ability to focus on the bigger issues we face in our time, like saving the planet.  

We honor the flow of life on our path to creating a better world for tomorrow.  

We hope you’re there to join us along this journey.  


*Featured Image: Soaring Eagle Technologies training marine biologists with MarAlliance to use Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to monitor the critically endangered Saw Fish, it’s habitats, and aid in the Search of Hammerhead Sharks.

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