Generating a KML / KMZ

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Some of the work we do, is creating an external and sometimes an internal 3D model of their assets for our clients. The beginning of our workflow is to obtain a KML (drawn polygon in google earth, to start the our flight planning process. It is FREE software to use with upgrades

First, What is a KML? KML is an open, portable geographic data type containing both the data and rendering information in an XML file tat is easy to read.

Originally known as Keyhole Markup Language, the technology was acquired by Google and subsequently submitted to the Open Geospatial Consortium to evolve as an implementation standard.

Now that we have a simple understanding of what a KML actually is, lets go ahead and create a KML.

You are going to need to download the desktop version of Google Earth Here:

Google Earth Desktop Version

Once you have opened the desktop version of google earth, Please follow our guidelines here:

Guideline to generate KML / KMZ

Hopefully you now have the tools needed to successfully generate a KML / KMZ.

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