Generating a KML / KMZ

Some of the work we do, is creating an external and sometimes an internal 3D model of their assets for our clients. The beginning of our workflow is to obtain…

Industry Safety

Safety is paramount when conducting flight operations in and around critical infrastructure.

Industry Advocacy

Industry advocacy isn’t just about being the leader; It’s about helping build the industry up as a whole.   That’s what we are here to do.   By design, Soaring Eagle Technologies…

Industry Education

We educate our clients and customers on these benefits. We use case studies highlighting real world applications to give you measured results, not empty promises. The data doesn’t lie. We are going to continue to provide the education needed to help the industry advance. We are going to help clear the muddy water by providing long term education.

Part I | The Missing Link for the UAS Industry

Ever since Jeff Bezos appeared on 60 Minutes and announced that Amazon had been looking into using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as a means to deliver packages, the commercial sector…

Standards-Based Certification for UAS

This is about the people, the processes, the tools, and the DATA to achieve the goal of integrating this technology into our workflows. This is about utilizing this technology to improve the world as we know it, from the sky down. This is not only about defining our standards-based certifications but creating a viable plan to get them adopted. This “Foundation of Support”

UPLIFT | A Foundation of Support

Ladies and Gentlemen, Recently I put out an article that was a Call to Action to help our commercial UAS/Drone industry advance to the next level. It was about building a “Foundation…