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At Soaring Eagle Technologies, we are a team of professional UAV operators serving the nation’s largest utilities, commercial and industry clients. We pride ourselves on our tech-enabled infrastructure inspections that…

Industry Safety

Safety is paramount when conducting flight operations in and around critical infrastructure.

Industry Advocacy

Industry advocacy isn’t just about being the leader; It’s about helping build the industry up as a whole.   That’s what we are here to do.   By design, Soaring Eagle Technologies…

Standards-Based Certification for UAS

This is about the people, the processes, the tools, and the DATA to achieve the goal of integrating this technology into our workflows. This is about utilizing this technology to improve the world as we know it, from the sky down. This is not only about defining our standards-based certifications but creating a viable plan to get them adopted. This “Foundation of Support”

SET and Navopache Electric Cooperative Partner for Electrical Grid Inspections with UAS

The vast expanse of the United States electrical grid stretches several million miles. A complex network of power generation plants and substations are interspersed between overhead transmission lines. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) like the Falcon 8+ operated by Skynetwest LLC provide a safe and efficient method to survey and inspect the condition of the aging power grid.

Cooperative Effort Takes Off

Tapping into UAS technology creates possibilities for a northern Arizona utility. Sometimes, the most effective, revelatory, progressive solutions to a problem can be found in the unlikeliest of places.  Case…