Safety & Training

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No other company has Soaring Eagle’s expertise in infrastructure inspections, audits, and safety.


Soaring Eagle goes beyond identifying structural issues. We have a deep bench of professionals specialized in risk management. Owned and operated by Iapetus Infrastructure Services, Soaring Eagle Technologies is the only company of its kind with insider knowledge and experience applying the data insights toward risk management.

The world’s largest commercial and industrial clients, including utilities, trust the integrated solutions Iapetus companies offer for tech-enabled infrastructure inspections, audits, safety, data, and reporting. This means more efficient and effective results for you. We offer a unique approach to infrastructure maintenance as our professional team develops and implement safety programs every day. Soaring Eagle goes further to understand your issues and provide customized solutions.

Our team is ready to partner with yours to offer you integrated solutions.


Because safety and training are vital to Soaring Eagle, all personnel are required to pass certification requirements and meet flight-hour criteria. We have partnered with UATI (Unmanned Aerial Training Institute) for advanced training.

Until the FAA establishes formal training standards for professional UAS, we consider it our responsibility to maintain the highest expectations. We stand for the security of our clients and our communities.


All missions completed on your behalf are fully insured by Soaring Eagle Technologies. So you have one less thing to worry about.


“As a company founded by manned aviation personnel, Soaring Eagle strongly endorses formalized pilot training. Establishing a manned aviation training standard that all of our pilots attend is critical to our safe operations. We believe UATI will set the standard until the FAA provides one.”

Will Paden, President Soaring Eagle Technologies