Soaring Eagle Technologies goes beyond identifying structural issues. We empower you with solutions.

Our Vision

Our high-quality mapping and inspection solutions provide more accurate and efficient data, empowering you to preserve your infrastructure integrity.

Our Mission

To set the UAS standard by providing actionable, customer-specific solutions while always prioritizing safety and efficiency.

The Soaring Eagle Difference

Our team is a bench of professionals specialized in risk management. Owned and operated by Iapetus Infrastructure Services, Soaring Eagle Technologies is the only company of its kind with insider knowledge and experience applying the data insights. This means more efficient and effective results for you.

We offer a unique approach to infrastructure maintenance nationwide. The world’s largest utilities, commercial and industrial clients, trust the integrated solutions Iapetus companies offer for tech-enabled infrastructure inspections, audits, safety, data, and reporting.


Iapetus Infrastructure Services

An umbrella of inspection, safety, and audit companies servicing utility and energy companies.

Gold Coast Utility Specialists

Manages potential threats to the reliability of utility and energy infrastructure and operations.

Atlas Field Services

Inspections and audits to keep operations running and infrastructure safe.

Hyperion Safety Environmental Solutions

OQ (Operator Qualifications) for utility and electrical companies.

How We're Structured


Iapetus Infrastructure Services is a portfolio of companies that provides various services to utility, energy, and other capital infrastructure companies. Atlas Field Services provides safety, audit, and inspection services. Gold Coast Utility Specialists provides services to help ensure the reliability of the grid. Hyperion Safety Environmental Solutions provides QA/QC services to utility and energy companies. Atlas Retail Energy is Iapetus’ industrial and commercial energy procurement arm.

At the intersection,
Soaring Eagle Technologies safely serves all
UAS tech-enabled data inspection needs.


Brendan Barrett

Sr. Business Development


Nathan Alber

Director of Training


Noah Ruiz

Director of Operations, West


Brad Reis

Director of Operations, East


Will Paden



We are a group of qualified data retrieval specialists providing service from coast to coast. The country’s most important utility providers rely on Soaring Eagle Technologies to mitigate threats and service disruptions.

“Our professional team understands your needs better than any other UAS competitor. We are proud of the fact that no other company in our space has been FAA approved to fly more BVLOS flights than Soaring Eagle. Beyond offering just images or data, we offer integral solutions.”

-Will Paden, President Soaring Eagle Technologies


Soaring Eagle Imaging and Skynetwest came together in 2021 in response to client demands. We combined the technical expertise of veteran pilots across the country to form Soaring Eagle Technologies, the country’s leader in high-tech imaging solutions. We can now better accommodate our growing customer base and reach new territories by servicing customers across the U.S.

Our Values



We are defined by our integrity. We are straightforward.

This is a pinnacle of how we operate.



  • Our employees are the best at what they do and work with commitment.
  • We provide outstanding service that delivers premium value by putting the client first.
  • We never compromise. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.


We approach business with a sense of passion and efficiency:

  • We focus on progress and momentum.
  • We’re constantly learning and innovating.
  • We remain nimble and efficient, no matter how large we grow.


  • We value initiative and champion forward-thinking.
  • We reward exceptional performance.
  • We are empowered to excel in customer expectations and to win as a team.


  • We take responsibility for our safety and wellbeing.
  • We look out for each other and our communities.
  • We pursue ways to make the environment safer, cleaner, and more sustainable.

Our Mission

To provide actionable data solutions to mitigate risks and plan for the future through tech-forward, efficient and effective mapping and inspections. Data to Decisions.

Our Vision

As the premier provider of mapping and inspection solutions in the United States, our vision is to set the standard providing high quality, efficient, safe, fast, and accurate tech-enabled data and mapping of high-value infrastructure, offering actionable solutions and actionable plans for the future.

Coast to Coast

Our company has offices across the country. Our pilots are ready to take on the next inspection or imaging mission. Check out where we’re located.


“With years of operations in both clear and gray skies, Soaring Eagle has been a true asset to the nation’s infrastructure reliability and maintenance programs. Throughout our relationship over the last several years, Soaring Eagle has provided utilities reliable information on their infrastructure, without sacrificing the safety of the operation.”

-Trevor, President & CEO Censys Technologies